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At this point, we explicitly notify interested parties and users of our online services that auctions by Industrierat West GmbH & Co. KG are fundamentally public commercial auctions and are carried out on the basis of our General conditions for auctions & sales and the auction rules established by the legislator. In online auctions on the Internet site of Industrierat West GmbH & Co. KG, in addition our special Conditions for online auctions apply. The underlying general business conditions are always available as PDF files in the download section under Info and Service.
  1. Only legally competent individuals of full age with proven commercial background or partnerships with legal responsibility, acting in their commercial and independent capacity, as well as legal persons are entitled to participate in our auctions (physical auctions and online auctions).
  2. Private individuals/consumers as well as tradespeople wishing to make a private purchase are fundamentally excluded from participation as bidders. Consumer protection laws including right of cancellation, warranty, etc. are not applicable.
  3. Used items/ lots are usually auctioned by us “as is, where is”, i.e. in the state in which they are found and inspected or could have been inspected, and without any warranty. Lots are, as a rule, only visually examined, not functionally.
  4. The descriptions with technical data and all statements of measurements, equipment features, etc., are approximate, non-binding and do not constitute statements about properties. Print errors, mistakes, eliminations, third-party rights and prior sales are reserved.
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Ralf Schwarz: von der IHK Köln öffentlich bestellter und vereidigter Versteigerer und Sachverständiger für Maschinen und industrielle Anlagen.



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